Head, hands, and heart.

Made in Italy according to MyFamily.

It is not just a geographical indication of production ... "Made in Italy" is a way of doing and thinking that combines artisan creativity and technological efficiency, also involving feelings. 

Made in Italy is "head", because it represents the historic Italian ability to rationalize an emotion and transfer it into an object. When a product does not generate emotion, for us, it is always a wasted opportunity.

Made in Italy is "hands", because the artisan world from which we come reminds us that creating means shaping the material by hand. In MyFamily, whenever possible, we add a touch of true craftsmanship: we glaze, sand, grind our products by hand. We cut the skin, we braid it.

Made in Italy is "heart". Creating products that bring happiness to those who buy them is essential, but it is equally important to ensure the best working conditions for those who produce and design them. We make everything in Italy, here, in our company, where we can verify that every person works calmly and at ease.

Made in Italy for us is all this, and much more.