A family on the road

We always say that our adventure with MyFamily started in 2010 in a simple office. Well, that’s just part of the whole story!

Our origins, however, have their roots in the goldsmith tradition of Valenza, the place where the project was born and is still home to the company. To look to the future, we must always look to the past.

So, we took inspiration from history, to begin our journey in the pet universe.

Think of the nature of metals, such as gold, that made the history of the city. They have well-defined characteristics, but at the same time they can merge, reshape and evolve into something new and different.

MyFamily behaves just like them and, without being afraid of changes, never loses the curiosity to explore new horizons, remaining linked to a philosophy made of “Made in Italy” and craftsmanship.

MyFamily collars

Love for pets knows no boundaries!
For this reason, MyFamily continues to expand its horizons offering products and services worldwide.

ID tags by MyFamily are known all over the world as unique products, both for the safety of pets and the satisfaction of those who love them.

ID tags sold in all over the world


The creation of a pet lifestyle universe, to offer a unique shopping experience.

In July 2022, we opened our first MyFamily boutique with a design entirely curated by our in-house team, and by 2025, we plan to open approximately 40 stores in strategic locations throughout Europe.

You currently find us here:

 Orio al Serio Airport (Bergamo)
Marco Polo Airport (Venice)

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