Company Tour

In addition to being completely Made in Italy, our products are also 100% Made in MyFamily.

Everything takes place within our Valenza facility: from the initial concept to the creation of molds, from the production of components to their assembly, to typography and advertising initiatives.

Today, our 15 internal departments are true "companies within the company" with 150 people working in synergy and can rely on the efficiency of a state-of-the-art machine park.

Metal Casting

In the productive heart of MyFamily, in an environment dotted with machinery for metal casting and die-casting, the raw material takes shape and becomes the basis for subsequent processing. An exciting journey that will give life to truly unique metal ID tags and small metal hardware.

Sheet Metal Processing

Metal objects acquire their own identity through the initial sheet metal processing. CNC machining with numerical control milling, laser cutting, metal bending, rolling, cutting, punching, and so on. Each process is part of an efficient and proven system.

Metal Polishing and Finishing

A dive in the ultrasonic cleaning tank and then drying, the metal components receive a first roughing with mechanical vibratory finishing that prepares the surfaces to receive subsequent processing depending on the desired final result: grinding, sanding, mirror polishing, shot peening, sandblasting, satin finishing.

Painting and Enameling

In a dedicated sector of the company, metal objects receive painting and enameling treatments. The latter operation, as far as the ID tags are concerned, is carried out strictly by hand and may involve the application of simple enamel or glitter enamel.

Injection Molding of Plastic Materials

The plastic components of MyFamily products are made in-house through injection molding. The process begins with the melting of polymer pellets, which are injected under pressure into the mold cavity. For the possible assembly of the individual components, the ultrasonic welding method is used. Thanks to the internal molding of plastic materials, MyFamily can independently produce the innovative Hushtag silent ID tags and the special packaging of each tag, designed to facilitate the positioning of ID tags within Techla instant engraving systems.

Workshop for Design and Construction of Molds

It may seem incredible, but MyFamily is completely self-sufficient even for the design and construction of steel molds for metal die-casting and plastic molding. Everything happens in-house in a space equipped with highly precise machinery: CNC lathes, machines for grinding molds, technologies for sink and wire electrical discharge machining, and much more.

Laboratory of Leather Goods

Here, we work with meticulous artisanal care on 100% Italian leathers of ethical origin, which we select after careful research. The cutters and sewers shape the leather with extreme precision and concentration to transform it into extremely comfortable collars, leashes, and harnesses.


Just like in a real atelier, the hands of MyFamily artisans dance among threads and machines to bring unique accessories to life. With grace, they work manually or with specialized machines on different types of materials and textures, as well as unique small metal parts. Each step plays a decisive role in the aesthetics and durability of our walking accessories.

Mechatronics Department

Why does MyFamily have an internal mechatronics division? This is essential to produce independently the instant markers for Techla tags, which combine precision mechanics and electronics.

Robotic and Automated Logistics

The same attention that MyFamily dedicates to the mechatronic aspect of production is also devoted to the packaging and logistics of the products. Robotic and automated solutions speed up internal missions (semi-finished and finished products) and facilitate the subsequent order fulfillment, in a highly computerized workflow.

Software House

An in-house software house dedicated to the development of management solutions, mobile applications, and data control, with a specialized team for back-end and data integration, front-end and user experience design, and the design of private and hybrid cloud architectures with management of technical corporate policies. A young and dynamic group that, in addition to designing and implementing IT solutions, guarantees the functioning and integral development of the intra and inter-site network infrastructure and follows the realization of the electronics necessary for the operation of the Techla engraving machine and the IoT infrastructure, thanks to which the company can manage over 12,000 machines installed worldwide.


In our in-house typography, all communication materials, packaging, and point-of-sale supports designed by the graphic and communication departments come to light. The technological equipment and experience of MyFamily's typographers make the difference, ensuring maximum precision and quality of the materials produced.

Product Design

Design plays an absolute role. It's no coincidence that there's a department dedicated exclusively to product design in MyFamily. Each product is conceived to be functional, ergonomic, fascinating, and unique. Even packaging is fundamental, especially that of the ID tags, designed to be recognized and accepted by the Techla instant engraving systems.

Graphic Design

Everything you see is communication. The choice of the most current visual codes, in line with the spirit of our products, is entrusted to the internal graphic design department. Here, young but experienced professionals work, enthusiastic but grounded, capable of generating emotions even before the products are purchased.

Marketing and Communication

In an open space that resembles a real advertising agency, MyFamily's creative and marketing experts bring social campaigns to life, develop web initiatives, design communication for the point of sale, and study how to give prominence to the brand even in traditional media.